Online Personality Profiling & Psychometric Ability and Aptitude Testing

The questionnaires and tests we provide are inspired and designed by market leaders SHL (Download more information) and delivered and interpreted by Anagram People via our bespoke ‘on demand’ system. If you prefer to use different providers we do use other companies if requested I.e. Myers Briggs, Talent Q etc.

How does it work?

Contact us for initial advice or free of charge consultation and a quote. We will advise you on the most effective test or questionnaire to help appoint the right person or get the most from your personal development programme or team building exercise. Candidates are invited to complete assessments via email and an internet connection at a location of their choice. Once they have completed it the results are sent online to Anagram People’s trained and professionally qualified psychometric consultants for analysis.

What are the Benefits?

In today’s web enabled 24/7 business world time is of the essence and accessibility essential. Online assessments can provide solutions to help you make the safest recruitment decisions in a timely manner with maximum confidence.

Increased access – all that is needed is an internet connection

National and international recruitment - can be co-ordinated with ease enabling assessment anywhere anytime 24/7. Most tests and questionnaires are available in all widely spoken international languages with results in English translation or a language of choice. We currently have clients in France, Germany, USA, Australia, China, Singapore, Japan.

Objective measurement of strengths and weaknesses within your organisation or team to help develop a strategy for team building or personal development.

Widely validated and reliable ability or aptitude tests specifically designed to reflect abilities at all levels from senior managers and directors to technicians or non-managerial jobs.

Hassle free personality profiling or ability assessment with no administration means better use of time and resources.

Numbers are not a problem - anything from 1 to multiple candidates can be assessed quickly and efficiently

A range of reports - either computer generated or written by our professional consultants bespoke to your needs, we include interview prompts to help you get the best from your interview process by asking the right questions.

Competency based ‘traffic light’ profiles, ideal when assessing large numbers of candidates quickly and set against either nationally recognised competency frameworks or competencies defined by you as being essential criteria for the job.

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Feeding back Results

In addition to a wide range of written or graphical reports we also provide professional consultant lead feedback between the psychometric consultant and the recruiters or recipients either in person or remotely. We are able to offer telephone feedback on a 1-1 or group basis by teleconference, Skype or web conferencing. Please ask for our consultancy rates.